The Benefits of Stem Cells in Skincare

Stem cells are a huge trend in skincare. Stem cells are often called “blank” cells because they are undifferentiated, meaning they can be duplicated and made into any type of cell. Think of stem cells as blank scrabble pieces, they can fill in where there are needed because they have the ability to turn into specialized cells. They can boost collagen, protect against sun damage, brighten and repair damaged cells.

The products offered at Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care use plant stem cell extracts from oranges, lilac and grapes as ingredients in several products. All plant stem cells provide antioxidant protection, adding an extra boost of skin-health benefits to an established regimen. Specifically, they guard against inflammation, neutralize free radicals and reverse sun damage. Plant stem cell extracts, versus the actual stem cell, are used in skincare because they are the purest, most-stable way of ensuring the quality of the ingredient. While the actual stem cell can’t survive outside of the plant, the extract is just as effective.

There is a lot more to learn about the benefits of stem cells in skincare therapy.  For the most youthful, healthy appearance and long term skin health, and with over 22 years of experience, Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care is here to assist you with all of your skincare needs. To get started, email us at or call 415.655.9769.