by Babor, 200ml

Deep-action biphase cleansing begins with this hydrophilic cleansing oil.


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Product Description

BABOR has combined the natural cleansing powers of water and oil and developed a unique bi-phase deep-action cleanser. Made from pure plant oils including soybean, sesame, and peanut. Quillaja extract intensifies the cleansing action without causing tightness. Vitamin E helps protect against environmental aggressors.

Promotes skin vitality. Pure, natural oils derived from soybeans, sesame and peanuts in combination with the appropriate Phytoactive for your skin type remove both oil- and water-soluble dirt particles thoroughly yet gently, without leaving the skin feeling tight. Quillaja extract acts as a dirt magnet and promotes the cleansing effect.

Apply 4 pumps of HY-ÖL to the skin (do not moisten the skin beforehand), then smooth 2 pumps of Phytoactive on top of it. Using moistened fingers, massage into the skin until a milky emulsion is forms. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of cool water.


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