Searching for the Ideal Sun Protection

Clearing up some confusion regarding sun protection is high on my TO DO List since 90% of the damage to the skin is from the sun.

Most new clients arrive proudly announcing that they use a product containing SPF, usually it is just a part of their foundation or finishing cream.  It is important to understand that SPF (Sun Protection Factor) only relates to the tanning ray.  It will not protect your skin from the harmful UVA rays that go deep and are the primary cause of premature aging.

UVA Radiation = Age

UVB Radiation = Burn

UVA radiation rays range from 320-400nm, make up the majority of the rays that reach the Earth’s surface, and are out all year long penetrating the skin and  causing damage even in the fog or rain.  Whereas, the UVB rays, while they can cause sunburn, inflammation and erythema (and of course, we do not want to expose our skin to those rays either), it is what’s happening within the skin that is most worrisome.  The deeper, dermal penetration of UVA radiation leads to the breakdown of structural components such as collagen and elastin.

UVA radiation is able to penetrate glass and most clothing (denim being the exception, which is the reason farmers wear it in the fields).  Presently the FDA has not implemented a rating system for UVA protection and requires only that a product contain 2nm (nanometers) of UVA protection in one application in order to label the product “Broad Spectrum”.  However, it is important to remember that 340nm are required in one application of sunblock in order to receive protection from the UVA rays.  So then, how does one make sure they are protected from the aging UVA rays?

Make certain that the sun product you choose contains ecamsule titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.  These are mineral based physical sunblock agents that in the past were considered unattractive due to their thickness and pasty feel.  This is no longer the case and cosmetically elegant sun protection is readily available.  Further, the use of sunblocks that are formulated with added antioxidants in conjunction with SPF can help eliminate your sun-aging concerns.  Look for ingredients such as caffeine, silymarin, L-absorbic acid, tocopherol, resveratrol and glutathione for superior protection against sun-induced free radical damage.

Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care carries a full “arsenal” of sun protection products that are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, are 99% sensitivity free and have a light feeling that I am certain you will find superior.  To learn more about how to have the most youthful, healthy appearance and long term skin health, get started today. 415.655.9769 studio/cell/text or email to