No Makeup Required!

Here are the basic steps Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care recommends for getting the skin you feel proud to wear without a cover-up.

  • Start with a clean palette.  Stick to a gentle cleanser that removes all impurities such as Babor’s Mild Cleanser or PCA Skin’s Facial Wash.  Then swipe away any remaining residual makeup with a splash of toner.  Babor’s Rose Toning Lotion is our most popular.
  • Exfoliate away dead-skin dullness with a weekly at-home peel containing glycolic acid to reveal an immediate glow.  Our go-to product is Refine Cellular AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel by Babor.
  • Hydrate.  Supercharge your skin with a boost of moisture.  The air is dry and especially harsh in the winter months.  At Cloud nine we find adding PCA’s Hydrating Serum to our client’s daily skin care routine provides a quick solution to replenish skin lacking moisture.
  • Always wear sunblock.  Get in the habit of wearing a pharmaceutical-grade Broad Spectrum with an SPF45 daily.  Consistency is key – there’s nothing more important since 90% of the damage to the skin is caused by the sun.  Weightless Protection SPF45 is the winning choice at Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care.
  • Take a trip to Cloud Nine by scheduling an in-office treatment to take resurfacing to the next level with a PCA Skin Peel.  PCA offers a wide selection of formulations, there’s a solution for every skin type.  Another option, the ReVersive Anti-Aging Facial by Babor which requires zero down time, is non-invasive and yields immediate results.

Along with these basics, from retinoids to antioxidants, the possibilities are endless and Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care is here to assist you with all of your skincare needs. To get started, email us at or call 415.655.9769.