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Where is Cloud Nine located?

San Francisco
We are located in the Cow Hollow District of San Francisco. Break away from the bustling activities of Union Street–you’ll be amazed at how your mood will be transformed in just a matter of seconds!

We are located on Union Street between Gough and Octavia Streets. Parking is available on Union Street as well as the Wells Fargo Union/Laguna Garage at 1910 Union Street. The 41 and 45 bus stop about every 15 minutes right in front of our location on Union Street too.

What are the Cloud Nine hours?

Daily By Appointment
Daily 10am – 7pm

Why should I purchase my skincare products from Cloud Nine?

Our special prices!  Plus, we’re different.  With over twenty years of experience helping clients make choices that keep their skin looking its most youthful and radiant, we are confident that we can keep you on track by monitoring your skin health with solutions and answers when you need them.

How do I buy a gift card?

Either email us or call us at 415.655.9769. We will contact you within four business hours to take your gift card order.

I’m concerned about using products with a lot of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Are the products you sell natural?

There are many resources on the web about the type of skincare you should be using, and they often have conflicting opinions. It’s hard to navigate what’s true and what’s not, and what’s actually the most beneficial and safe. We’re breaking down the top five myths about all natural versus synthetically produced products.


Myth #1
Something made with chemicals is always bad for you.

All matter is made of chemicals – water is a chemical. Saying something is a “chemical” does not make it dangerous.


Myth #2
Something made with natural ingredients it is inherently good for you.

Petroleum is natural and you wouldn’t want to ingest that or apply it topically.


Myth #3
Synthetic ingredients are bad for you.

Synthetic does not mean “un-natural”, it simply means that the ingredient was created to mirror its original source without a company behaving in an environmentally irresponsible way to obtain it.


Myth #4
All natural ingredients are sourced more responsibly than their synthetic counterparts.

Just because an ingredient comes from nature doesn’t mean it is sourced in an environmentally responsible way. Manufacturing minute amounts of a skincare ingredient naturally found in plants, can require harvesting and processing acres of that plant. Synthesizing that ingredient in a lab can create exactly the same molecule that functions in exactly the same way on your skin, while preserving those natural resources. In other words, your skin doesn’t know the difference between natural and synthetic versions of the same ingredients.


Myth #5
All natural ingredients have botanical origins.

Many common skincare ingredients are actually derived from animal sources. For example, hyaluronic acid has amazing hydrating benefits, but naturally comes from the combs of roosters. That molecule can be created synthetically in a lab and provide the same hydrating benefits without risk of animal cruelty.

Isn’t it all about genetics? I mean, I don’t really have control over how my skin will age, do I?

While it’s true that genetics play a role, there are many other factors in determining how your skin will age. Things like sun exposure, whether or not you smoke, your daily skin care regimen, etc. will influence your skin as you get older. These avoidable factors are thought to contribute up to 90% to the visible aging process. Cloud Nine offers product lines that effectively target various aging concerns.

Why should I use an eye product? I use a facial moisturizer. Isn’t that enough?

An eye product’s purpose is to strengthen, hydrate and protect the very fragile skin around our eyes. Skin in this small area is thinner and more sensitive than on the rest of the face. The eye area retains and loses moisture differently, cultivating a breeding ground for signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. A good eye product will also contain ingredients that reduce puffiness and dark circles, which are visible due to the thinner skin in this area. Eye products are formulated with special ingredients that are designed to treat this sensitive area without causing irritation.

My moisturizer has SPF, so why would I need to add another sun protection product to my daily routine?

Both UVA and UVB rays cause damage to your skin, but in different ways. UVB rays penetrate the top layer of your skin, while UVA rays penetrate deeper layers of your skin depleting your collagen and elastin. There’s a simple trick to remembering your rays in the letters themselves: UVA rays affect aging, while UVB rays cause burning. Moisturizers and foundations with SPF provide UVB only, no UVA. To protect yourself from both types of harmful UV rays, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen each morning.  At Cloud Nine we offer only full broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun products.

Why should I use a retinol based product in my home care routine?

Retinol is a member of the vitamin A family called retinoids. Topical application is the best way to reap the many anti-aging benefits and healthy skin benefits that vitamin A has to offer which include natural cell turnover, removal of dead skin cells that clog pores and an increase in collagen production.  Our selection of products containing retinol are renowned in the industry.

I have heard that vitamin C is important in skin care. I found an absorbic acid product at the drug store and it was a much less expensive. Is this a good alternative?

If only it were that simple.  With a very large molecular structure, vitamin C is difficult to deliver into the deeper dermal layers.  In 1997, at Duke University, L-absorbic acid was developed and the world of skincare was forever changed.  As an antioxidant, vitamin C is unrivaled for its ability to preserve cells and reverse damage.  However, in order for it to be effective in skincare, the application must contain vitamin C in one of two forms,  L-absorbic acid or pure vitamin C absorbed through the sweat glands. At Cloud Nine we promote only the most innovative vitamin C skincare applications.

Promoters of skincare products are abuzz about stem cells. What will they really do for my skin?

Stem cells are a huge trend in skincare. Stem cells are often called “blank” cells because they are undifferentiated, meaning they can be duplicated and made into any type of cell. Think of stem cells as blank scrabble pieces, they can fill in where there are needed because they have the ability to turn into specialized cells. They can boost collagen, protect against sun damage, brighten and repair damaged cells.

The products offered at Cloud Nine use plant stem cell extracts from oranges, lilac and grapes as ingredients in several products. All plant stem cells provide antioxidant protection, adding an extra boost of skin-health benefits to an established regimen. Specifically, they guard against inflammation, neutralize free radicals and reverse sun damage. Plant stem cell extracts, versus the actual stem cell, are used in skincare because they are the purest, most-stable way of ensuring the quality of the ingredient. While the actual stem cell can’t survive outside of the plant, the extract is just as effective.

How do I make an appointment for services?

Call us at 415.655.9769 or email us at We are committed to returning all calls and emails within 4 hours.

What if I just have questions about skincare and don’t want to book a facial?

We offer a 15 minute free consultation.

Can I book my appointment online?

At Cloud Nine we take the personal approach to scheduling. Just call, we promise to return your call within 4 hours. This will give you the opportunity to discuss any special needs, enabling us to block extra time for you when necessary.

Can I email you for questions and concerns?

Yes, just email us at

Can’t I just clean my own face?

Facials and home care go hand in hand. Since the average facial is scheduled every six to eight weeks, following a home regime is very important in maintaining good skin health. Facials alone won’t keep your skin looking great. Conversely, home care without a regular professional treatment is not as effective. There are professional strength anti-aging treatments available that help reduce the visible signs of aging and protect against future damage. Of course, if for no other reason, facials are a luxurious way to escape to a world of relaxation. It’s a happy habit.

Are men welcome?

Yes, of course. In fact, men often have special skin conditions that are greatly improved with facials and a quality home care regimen.