30+ Beauty Crash Course for Skin

28 is a big year when it comes to skin.  It is at this age that we stop producing our own natural collagen, a significant protein that reduces wrinkles.  By about age 30 it is not uncommon for the mirror to stare back with ever-so-slight changes. This is often when people schedule their first “anti-aging” consultation.

The good news is that science has come a long way since our mother’s days of Oil of Olay.  The advances in skin care have given us many topical applications:  Stem cell growth factors which cause a proliferation of new healthy cells, retinols which stimulate the production of collagen and cause an accelerated turn-over of dead skin cells for the healthiest canvas possible, and topical vitamin C formulations with their antioxidant ability to protect skin cells from damage, and more!

Crash Course:  1)  Schedule your first appointment with a skin care professional who has proven results with anti-aging processes. 2) When you find someone you trust stick with them for recommendations.  Too often people get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of literature and opinions out there.  Listening to too many professionals can make you crazy and worse yet, your skin typically will react negatively to constant changes.  3)  Get regular facials.  4)  Keep your home care simple!  (We’ll show you how.)

There is a lot more to learn about proactively caring for 30+ skin.  For the most youthful, healthy appearance and long term skin health, and with over 23 years of experience, Cloud Nine Skin and Body Care is here to assist you with all of your skincare needs. To get started, email us at contact@cloudnineskinandbodycare.com or call 415.655.9769.